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It amazes us how God brought the Arctic Barnabas team together—and we truly are a team! We passionately serve Jesus with our individual gift and skill sets while we work together in unified dedication to the mission of ABM. Our staff families range widely in age and life experience, yet God shaped us individually for this ministry.

We continually sense the burden to strengthen and encourage more ministry families in remote locations of Alaska and Northern Canada, yet we simply need more staff and resources. Therefore, we ask God for more laborers. We want to build the team with individuals or families who resonate with the mission of ABM. Each staff family takes the Great Commission seriously to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).

Founded in 2000, Arctic Barnabas Ministries (ABM) exists to strengthen and encourage pastor and missionary families to effectively advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout remote Alaska and Northern Canada.

One fifth the size of the lower 48 states, Alaska comprises approximately 230 communities. Only a handful of communities are accessible by roads. All equipment, food, and people must be transported to these remote villages by barge or aircraft. ABM operates several airplanes to access these villages for face-to-face contacts with the ministry families we serve.
We believe if ministry leaders and their families serve in these villages with personal, spiritual vitality, their witness for Christ will prove much more effective. We desire to see these ministry families thriving, not just surviving so the Gospel will transform lives.

Do you have what it takes to come along-side these courageous servants as a pastoral caregiver? Would you accept the challenge of raising support and moving your family to the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska? If you sense God prompting you to consider this assignment, please

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Current openings for full time support raising staff:

Pastor—Pastoral Care Provider


Development Associate with Graphic Arts Experience

(see details for listed positions below)


Position: Pastoral Care Provider to Ministry Families

The Great Commission is not complete in the Arctic! In response to this need, various Christian organizations send pastors and missionaries to live and minister among the indigenous people groups in rural Alaska and Northern Canada.

Unfortunately, many become quickly overwhelmed by the spiritual and physical challenges of living in a remote Arctic village. Some of the challenges they face include cross-cultural barriers, isolation, extreme weather, inadequate housing, insufficient medical care, and limited food or other supplies. In addition, statistics for this region indicate consistently high rates of addiction and suicide among villagers. With all these challenges, the locals often look to their village pastor or ministry leader for love, counsel, and spiritual formation. Some pastors persevere. Many burn out. Yet, there is hope!

God provides for these ministry families through the work and pastoral care programs of Arctic Barnabas Ministries. Pastoral care is a growing field of ministry that focuses on supporting and sustaining Christian leaders. Arctic Barnabas Ministries specializes in administering pastoral care to ministry families where the challenges of ministry and Arctic village life can be highly complex. We cultivate trusting relationships with ministry leaders by offering life-giving communication and fellowship. God’s Word, prayer, and ongoing connection are routine platforms for spiritual formation to help families thrive in places where they minister. 

 Roles and Responsibilities

Build a meaningful, intentional friendship with the ministry leaders through:

  • Regular prayer and contact through phone, e-mail, and social media
  • Identify needs (spiritual, emotional, physical)
  • Resource those needs as appropriate and able
  • Visit Ministry Families in their homes
  • Host Ministry Families in your home when they are in town
  • Visit in Anchorage when they come in for medical or other longer breaks
  • Provide temporary pulpit supply as needed
  • Encourage, disciple, and counsel as needed
  • Participate in Arctic Barnabas Team Member duties as assigned
  • Flex to other tasks as needed
  • Walk in love. Walk in light. Abide in Christ. Know the word. Accept others’ weaknesses
  • Plan & conduct trips to the villages & write a report for each event & process paperwork at the conclusion of each event


  • At least 2 yrs experience in cross-cultural ministry, preferably rural and church planting
  • 15 Credit hours of Post-Secondary Bible courses
  • Meet the qualifications of an Elder as defined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • A desire to come along-side and care for ministry families in rural Alaska
  • Be authentic, honest, trustworthy, and a person of integrity
  • Not prone to arguing, critical spiritedness, or negativity


  • Able to travel by airplane & sleep in rustic conditions for several nights
  • Able to be apart from spouse and family several nights in a row each month
  • Able to carry your own luggage at least a half mile in mud or snow
  • Willingness to experience and respect native culture while in a village
  • Agreement with ABM Statement of Faith
  • A burden to fulfill the mission of ABM

Position: Pilot

The geography, terrain, and absence of connecting roads in remote Alaska and Canada demand the use of airplanes. Arctic Barnabas Ministries' Aviation Department operates its own hangar and small fleet of bush aircraft.  These tools make it possible for our staff to connect and care for ministry families who live off the road system.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform duties of a pilot including
  • flight planning and preparation
  • passenger and cargo management
  • some general maintenance of aircraft
  • Under direction of the Aviation Department Team Leader
  • manage the aviation department
  • flight and maintenance operations
  • assigned administrative tasks
  • Under direction of the Aviation Department Team Leader
  • accept donated aircraft
  • plan refurbishment needed the subsequent use or sale
  • Manage multiple projects and maintain accountability to leadership
  • Work with a wide variety of personalities in a biblical manner


Pilot Ratings:

  • Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine
  • CFII, MEI preferred
  • 2,500 hours total flight time desired, 500 PIC hours minimum
  • IFR flight experience
  • A&P minimum mechanical rating, IA preferred
  • Pass Technical Evaluation



Position: Resource Development Associate — Graphic Arts and Communications 


  • Communications Specialist
  • Collaborate with and report to the Resource Development Team Leader
  • Active member of the Resource Development Team
  • Implement the communication plan for ABM’s media presence


  • Manage a communications calendar
  • Maintain a portfolio of projects
  • Work with a team of writers and editors to revise and finalize products and content
  • Attend and collaborate at RD planning meetings
  • Work in office a balanced amount of time for collaboration with team members
  • Create and route newsletters and E-News through production and mailing process
  • Manage oversight of ABM’s visual and written branding
  • Funnel social media communications to appropriate staff
  • Manage content sharing and flow among various media channels
  • Communicate with staff as it relates to your field
  • Create graphic design products/elements for various organizational projects
  • Communicate a progress report to your supervisor on a weekly basis
  • Recruit, vision cast, and manage guest writers for various projects requiring content
  • Seek out professional development opportunities to stay informed with current trends
  • Manage confidentiality and cross-cultural oversight of content and photos made public
  • Work with your supervisor regarding a media emergency response plan


  • Ability to work with a team and work within ABM’s editorial process
  • Considers oneself to be both creative and administrative in nature
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Publisher and Word, G-mail and Google Calendar
  • Ability to edit in PS and ID Adobe Products — a plus
  • College Level course work in writing
  • Current with photo and media design branding, trends, and terminology
  • Knowledge of and experience in donor relationship cultivation
  • Willingness to collaborate and revise products with a team and personal editor
  • Willingness to attend Resource Development events
  • Strong communications, scheduling, and planning skills